Frequently Asked Questions

Where can i buy Herbo Cubes?

You can buy Herbo Cubes by calling us or email us. In the next few weeks Herbo Cubes will be available in your nearest supermarket.

How are your products made?

Our products are made using raw materials grown in Cyprus. Herbo Cubes are made with love and respect to each consumer.

How can i use your products?

Our products are ready to use when you need them. You just open the freezer take one and put it in what you are cooking. For proportions, recipes and ideas refer Here.

Are your products Vegan, Dairy-free or Gluten-free?

One of our products we offer in retail is vegan and dairy-free which consists of basil blended with garlic. All our products are Gluten-free. However, the customized products for the wholesale market we can offer, also,  both Vegan and dairy-free Herbo Cubes.