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"Taste the premiumness at its highest''

Fresh Frozen herb mixtures always ready to luxuriate your recipes!


The future begins on your plate. It's time to take action.

Herbo cubes provide culinary convenience.These fresh frozen herb cubes are always available in your freezer and are always available to elevate the taste of your dish without any complex preparation, simply grab and use!

Personalize the herb strength on your plate with precision. Each 13.5g Herbo Cube provides optimal flavor for your dish or sauce. Add more cubes for extra intensity, but never compromise on taste.

Herbo’s unique and innovative formula is designed to preserve the taste and colour of herbs, in the mixture throughout the year at peak quality ensuring the full essence of herbs in your dish.

Herbo Cubes prevent you from wasting herbs, because Fresh Herbs are often purchased in amounts that exceed immediate household needs, making it difficult to use them up before they expire.



Herbo Cubes is a start-up made by 4 young visionaries. A culinary artist, a passionate entrepreneur, a gastronomy tester and a networker, the 4 main ingredients for successfully completing our mission which is to evolve everyday cooking into convenient and, parallely premiumness.


Stasinou 1, Egkomi 2404, Cyprus

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